The Hellenic OCR Team supported the organization and implementation of the 2022 LegisTech Forum, which took place on 12-16 September 2022. The Forum was put together by our long-time partner Bússola Tech.

The LegisTech Forum is one of the most relevant conferences around the globe to discuss the legislative modernization and digital transformation in parliaments and subnational legislatures. It serves the purpose of instigating the discussion of relevant topics, as well as sharing the accomplishments of the legislative institutions in their modernization efforts, while freely sharing them with other representative institutions. The audience of the Forum is composed of integrants from legislatures that were able to deep dive into projects related to institutional modernization and digital transformation in the legislative. Several Hellenic OCR Team members attended and took part in different panel discussions. The organizers and their partners see in the cooperation, collaboration and the free flow of technical expertise the main paths for the promotion of legislative modernization and digital transformation of parliamentary institutions.


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