The article titled “How parliaments monitor sustainable development goals – a ground for application of post legislative scrutiny” that appeared on June 4, 2020 in The Journal of Legislative Studies includes top-notch research by members of the Hellenic OCR Team.

More specifically, the article is authored by Dr. Fotis Fitsilis, Team Leader and co-founder of the Hellenic OCR Team, and Franklin De Vriese, Westminster Foundation for Democracy. It relies on an open dataset that has been developed with the support of Eleni Zisioglou and Dimitris Garantziotis, members of the Hellenic OCR Team. The article is the first part of a dual publication effort. Part two is to appear in Fall 2020 in the Journal of Southeast Asian Human Rights and is focusing on the monitoring of SDGs in South and Southeast Asia with particular case studies from Nepal and Myanmar.

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