The Hellenic OCR Team continues its aggressive research strategy within the greater ParlTech domain by initializing three proofs-of-concept on emerging technologies: recommender systems, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Recommender systems

Our team, enhanced by a wide network of academics and professionals, attempts to fill the gaps in the under-researched topic of parliamentary recommender systems. As different user profiles and cases are being identified, a prototype application will test different algorithms with the goal to offer more personalized results to users of parliamentary content, in a more efficient and speedy fashion.

Artificial Intelligence

Our team has been granted access to beta-test OpenAI’s GPT-3 API and well to the Project December API. Our goal is to offer initial screening of exciting possibilities of parliamentary AI use cases. Following prioritization, specific use cases will be selected for the development of applications for the parliamentary workspace.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain, basically a digital ledger of transactions, can have so much more than purely financial applications. It does have the potential to fundamentally transform governance. Naturally, this technology may have specific applications within the parliamentary domain. Through collaborations and own research, the Hellenic OCR Team positions itself at the forefront of blockchain-related innovation.

Stand by for more details and related publications in months to come. As always, feel free to come back to us for related discussions. You may also want to consider being part of our expert network and our open source community.


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