The Hellenic OCR Team, a novel crowdsourcing initiative for the processing and analysis of parliamentary data, celebrates its first birthday. What started as a confined experiment within the Hellenic Parliament and Greece’s oldest academic institution, the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, has now evolved into an international cooperative platform.

Today, our 21 members from academia, the public and the private sector, residing in five countries, i.e. Germany, Sweden, the UK, Cyprus and Greece, combine their skills and share their enthusiasm for a greater cause. Timely to our first anniversary, the Hellenic OCR Team got its first institutional partner, the Patras Science Park, a prominent Technology Park in the Greek ecosystem of research, technology and innovation.
For the next year, the team will look forward to continue to expand its member’s basis, while joining new exciting scientific projects in the areas of computational linguistics and Linked Open Data. Happy birthday Hellenic OCR Team!




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