The Hellenic OCR Team reaches a new milestone! Today, we proudly celebrate our expansion to 40 members. As of now, our Team has 36 individual and four institutional members that closely cooperate to achieve a set of greater goals, such as data openness, systemic interoperability and digital transformation of parliamentary institutions. 

The Hellenic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Team is a unique scientific crowdsourcing initiative. Founded in late 2017, it aims at the processing and study of big data, particularly of parliamentary origin. Due to its decentralized nature, it remained unaffected by the ongoing pandemic situation. The Team constitutes a good practice according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union and a trustworthy solution according to Joinup, EU’s interoperability platform.

Momentarily, the Team has three main areas of scientific focus:

  • Parliamentary control open data
  • Linked Open Data (LOD) and
  • Legal informatics.

Don’t miss our updates; make sure you visit the Hellenic OCR Team website and our LinkedIn page on a regular basis!


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